We are actively engaging with both landowners and major energy users in England, Scotland and Wales with a view to developing and installing wind farms across the UK. Our leases are typically for a period of 25 years and will, assuming we are successful with securing planning permission, provide the landowner with a significant income stream from the land. Moreover, once developed, the average 'footprint' of even a large single turbine remains less than one acre of land. We are in a very fortunate position in that we can, within reason, be very flexible with the structure of our commercial offer. Our experience to date is that landowners want an offer they can easily understand and administer, and it is for this reason that our Guaranteed Minimum Income and Top Up structure is so well received.

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our landowners and their respective local communities, so if you would like to have a discussion with us to understand whether your site has development potential and the next steps, please complete the 'contact us' section of the website or call 01594 546123.


At Bee Green Energy Limited we have a desire to contribute towards the ongoing growth of the renewable energy sector within the UK and to assist in meeting our 2020 target. Whilst all currently viable technologies have a role to play, we believe that the majority of the 2020 target will need to come from electricity generated by wind farms. Recent advances in turbine technology have meant also that it is now economically viable to generate electricity in areas with lower wind speeds, resulting in an increased number of sites with wind development potential.

As Government climate change targets increasingly influence both public and private sector organisations' purchasing policies, the demand for green electricity continues to grow. Many organisations now have environmental agendas which include commitments to energy efficiency and changing the way their electricity is generated. Apart from the fact that the availability of green electricity is severely restricted, procuring green energy from existing green generators does nothing to help fight climate change - it is only the building of new sources of green energy that actively reduces carbon dioxide emissions.


At Bee Green Energy we understand that reducing carbon dioxide emissions and electricity costs are two of the biggest challenges faced by major energy users in the UK. Our onsite renewable energy solutions will deliver significant financial and environmental savings allowing our partners to maintain a competitive edge.

We will be responsible for all of the associated risks and costs for the project and will negotiate a competitive Power Purchase Agreement price which will minimise your exposure to a rising and volatile wholesale electricity market and provide you with an element of budget forecast certainty.