Bee Green Energy Limited is a dynamic company which is uniquely placed to develop and manage renewable energy projects over their whole lifespan. We have a desire to deliver projects that will help address climate change and build energy resilience. We are all about acting in a bold manner, delivering real benefits at a scale that can make a difference. We are self-financed, which enables us to realise projects quickly, and to offer a strong and dependable commitment to our landowners

How are we different?

At Bee Green Energy, we have set our stall out and our business model is to develop, own and operate the assets from cradle to grave. We have a desire to offer a share of the benefits to each local community we engage with and are in an enviable position in that we have significant amounts of our own funding available to us. We therefore do not require bank financing for projects. This both speeds up the development process, allowing us greater project flexibility; and results in a fully committed project developer relationship. 'Land banking' and 'flipping' are terms that we are uncomfortable with, and we give you our assurances that the project will be operational within the shortest possible timescale.